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Adult Italian: Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Adult Classes

LEARN ITALIAN with Dr. Anna Clara Ionta                                   

Take a fun, engaging class!  Fulfill your dream of speaking the language of beauty.

Reconnect with your family heritage.   Enjoy Italian lifestyle

Location:  Italian Cultural Center – 1621 N. 39th Ave., Stone Park, IL 60165

Dates:         On Saturdays – Sept. 8 – Dec. 15, 2018 (13 weeks for 1 hour and 15 minutes a class)

.                      No class on Oct. 6th and Nov. 24th

Time:          10 – 11:15 a.m. – Italian for Beginners    To Register Click Here

.                      11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. – Intermediate Italian   To Register Click Here

Fees:           $280/class, book included, if paid by August 31st.  $330/class, book included, if paid after August 31st.

Other Adult Italian Classes Being Offered

These Adult Italian classes run for 12 weeks for 2 hours a class.

Fee:   $240/class if paid by August 31st.  $290/class if paid after August 31st. Book required for all the below classes except Advanced Conversational, but not included.


Beginners III Italian – This course covers additional grammar, vocabulary, new phrases and expressions.  Students will continue improving their listening and speaking skills through videos cultural/geographical presentations and translations including dialogues and role playing.  Grammar coverage includes:  past participle, direct and indirect object pronouns, partitives and expression of quantity, adverbs, reflexive verbs and reciprocal reflexives.

Textbook – Italian Made Simple, Revised and Updated 2nd Edition by Cristina Mazzoni (Required at Additional Charge)


Italian Cultural Center Building, 1621 N. 39th Ave. | Stone Park, IL 60165
Monday | starting September 10, 2018 from 7 – 9 p.m. | 12 weeks
Teacher: Mario Cascone             To Register Click Here





Advanced III Conversation Italian – (Focus on culture, art, food and travel)… requirements, prior knowledge of advanced Italian. Student must have completed Sentieri (or equivalent) to at least chapter 10, and be somewhat fluent in the language.  In this class aside from completing and reviewing various exercises from Sentieri’s text and workbook, we will focus more on everyday conversation, verb usage, role-play common situations, view short films, read poetry,listen to music,and learn about the history of foods and wines… including some informal cooking demos in class!

Textbook – not needed


Italian Cultural Center Building, 1621 N. 39th Ave. | Stone Park, IL 60165
Saturday | starting September 15, 2018 from 1 – 3 p.m. | 12 weeks
Teacher: Giovanna Dimetros             To Register Click Here




Advanced Conversation Italian – Students will build conversation skills through focus on interactive class exercises and participation in local cultural events. The class will focus on various themes, for example restaurant, transportation, shopping and many more. The teaching style is based on the various media such as, magazines, television, film, etc.

Textbook: not needed


Italian Cultural Center Building, 1621 N. 39th Ave. | Stone Park, IL 60165
Wednesdays | starting September 12, 2018 from 7 – 9 p.m. | 12 weeks
Teacher: Mario Cascone                    To Register Click Here




Italian For Travelers And Lovers Of The Language And Culture! Level III

We will concentrate on pronunciation (so you will sound like a native speaker), work on basic questions and answers, compose phrases, and learn about travel through various regions in Italy. We will continue to explore the culture of Italian lifestyle, food, history, etc. We’ll also continue our studies of verb conjugations, pronouns, adjectives, and grammar.

Textbook: Italian Made Simple: Revised and Updated 2nd Edition by Cristina Mazzoni

We will resume from Chapter 13 of “ITALIAN MADE SIMPLE”, with some review, and also include interactive fun class activities!

PREREQUISITE:  This is a level III course, so some prior knowledge of the language is required.

Italian Cultural Center Building, 1621 N. 39th Ave. | Stone Park, IL 60165
Thursday | starting September 20, 2018 from 10 – 12 p.m. | 12 weeks
Teacher: Giovanna Dimetros             To Register Click Here





Sentieri books are used for Intermediate II through Advanced classes.  Please keep in mind the books are very expensive.  Casa Italia does not sell the book.


Sentieri Second Edition Book is required at additional charge for Intermediate II through Advanced classes.untitled11
Visit Sentieri to purchase Sentieri book.  Casa Italia does not sell the book.

Italian Made Simple: Revised and Updated 2nd Edition is required for the Italian for Beginners and Travelers, and Intermediate II Italian.

Visit Amazon to purchase Italian Made Simple.    Casa Italia does not sell the book.

Call the Casa Italia office at 708-345-5933 Ext. 2 for details on the book for the Beginning I class.


* To qualify for the early registration discount, your registration form and full payment must be received by the office no later than January 26, 2018.  Registrations sent by mail will be accepted if post marked by January 26, 2018 – no exceptions.

Registration deadline: February 2, 2018

Register by Mail: Complete our online registration and mail check payment to Casa Italia, 3800 W. Division, Stone Park, IL 60165.

Register in Person: Individuals can come to Casa Italia offices to register, 3800 West Division, Stone Park, IL. Registration hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Register Online: Click on the class link above to register and pay online at


REFUND POLICY: Full course refund will be given if a course is dropped before the first class. If a course is dropped after the first class, but before the second class, 80% of the course will be refunded. No refunds will be given if the class is dropped after the second class. Books non-returnable and non-refundable.

BOOKS are at an additional fee.

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