Casa Italia | Italian Cultural Center - 3800 Division Street Stone Park, IL 60165

Advancing Women Artists Foundation in Florence, Italy

AWA researches, restores and exhibits art by women in the city’s museums.

Here is the story of Plautilla Nelli, a true Renaissance woman and Florence’s first woman artist.

We just inaugurated Nelli’s first-ever solo show at the Uffizi Gallery, and have simultaneously launched a campaign to restore her precious Last Supper…  the largest painting by an early woman artist in the world!

I’d like to invite you to view the following short videos so you can get a ‘visual’ sense of the project.


The first (3 minutes) discusses the restoration of Nelli’s Last Supper


The second spotlights AWA’s 10-year quest to salvage Nelli’s works.  It is currently showing at the Uffizi exhbition.



Carol Faenzi

USA Director of Advancing Women Artists Foundation